Governance Model

Company's Identification


Headquarters  Arsenal do Alfeite, Base Naval de Lisboa
2810 001 ALMADA
District: Setúbal 
Municipality: Almada 
Freguesia: Laranjeiro
NIPC: 508881048
Conservatory where the documents are deposited Conservatória do Registo Predial/Comercial de Almada, Insc.1 AP. 196/20090210 16:26:18 UTC – CONSTITUIÇÃO DE SOCIEDADE.
Capital: 32.400.000,00 Euros

Shareholder – IdD – Portugal Defence
CAE Principal: 33150-R3
MENÇÃO – Constituída pelo Decreto-Lei n.º 33/2009 de 5 de Fevereiro

Arsenal do Alfeite, S.A., a limited liability company with exclusively public capital, constituted by Decree-Law no. State Enterprise, as defined in Decree-Law nº 33/2009, in 5th February and classified as a Public Reclassified Entity (EPR), has as its legal framework the provisions of the Legal Regime of the State Business Sector, as defined in the Decree-Law nº 133/2013, in 3rd October, (changed by law nº 75A/2014, in 30th September, and by law nº 42/2016), in 28th december) and, alternatively, in the Commercial Companies Code and in the provisions of the State Budget laws, through the respective budget execution diplomas.

Its activity is regulated within the scope of the application of the Public Contracts Code and Decree-Law no. Law No. 37/2011, of June 22 (amended by Decree-Laws No. 153/2012, of July 16, 56/2013, of April 19, 71/2014, of May 12, 52/2015, of April 15, 78/2016, of November 23, 56/2017, of June 9, and 9/2018, of February 12) concerning the procedures applicable to the transmission and circulation of defense-related products.

Synthesis Sheets

Social Entities

General Meeting Board

Pedro Leitão Pais de Vasconcelos                       President
Rodolfo Augusto Felgueiras Parente   Secretary

Administrative Council

José Luís Serra Rodrigues
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Elsa Cristina Baia Marino
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Chartered Accountant

João Cipriano & Associados, SROC, Lda. representado por João Amaro Santos Cipriano
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  Single Effective Tax           
Andreia Sofia Sena Barreira
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  Sole Inspector's Alternate   

The remuneration and other benefits of the governing bodies are presented on pages 62 and following, which can be consulted here.