Arsenal 4.0

Creating a New Future

AAsa | Strategic Plan

Arsenal aims to be a shipyard based on cutting-edge technologies and highly qualified, distinctive and innovative skills, as well as integrated responsiveness, operational excellence, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.


Industry 4.0

The main objectives of adapting and implementing Industry 4.0 at the shipyard are to ensure focus on the customer and their needs, delivering value and innovation by operating efficiently and productively.

Interoperability and interconnectivity between all stakeholders (customers, partners, manufacturers, etc.) are essential.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation will result from the interception of these three environments (people, processes and technology) enhancing innovation and value creation.

People Involvement and qualification, readjustment and continuous improvement of processes, new management methodologies, technologies that value the delivery of work, foster a new mentality and cultural change promoting the transformation to shipyard 4.0 (ARSENAL 4.0).

Customers, partners, manufacturers and other entities recognize these characteristics in Arsenal 4.0, building trust.